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How It Works

There is a Session Fee, which is separate from the reproduction of your images + The package of your choice. Your total can vary depending on what your package is. 

The session fee, this fee varies according to each type of the session fee. This will cover your shoot, session time, editing, props, and planning of your shoot. Half of the session fee must be paid to book your session with me and the other half is due the day of your shoot.

Along with a questionnaire you will receive we will also schedule a phone call to plan out the style for your shoot. I usually do 2 backdrops for studio sessions. Outdoor sessions will take place during golden hour which is at 6:30pm in the summer and in the fall/winter 4pm. During your session you can do unlimited changes of outfits. 

Turnaround time for pictures to be proofed is 1-3 weeks from your session date so please plan accordingly. You have done your session and now your proofs are ready to be viewed via Dropbox. I will send out an email with instructions prior to sending your proofs. Make sure to read it carefully. 

Once you have viewed your beautiful proofs you will select the package you like. I have both prints and digital if you will like a mix of both you may do so. The package fees are paid via PayPal. I do have a la cart pricing plus bigger print sizes and canvas options. 

If  you ordered prints and or photo gifts you will hear back from me for pick up schedule at the studio.

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