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  • What is the ideal period to book your services?
    Pregnancy: during the 4th-5th month Newborn: during your pregnancy Others: 1- 2 months in advance Events: at least 4 months of before
  • I'm from another city, can I hire you?"
    Definitely! I love visiting other cities for photography. A travel fee may be applied. Or if you are interested in coming to the studio I’d love to have ya!
  • My baby is more than 12 days old; can we take newborn photos?
    Baby should be no more than 20 days, except for premature babies where this period is different. Sessions will always be more comfortable for the baby during this time, they tend to be sleepier and more flexible. After 20 days, I recommend waiting until the baby is 3 months.
  • How many photos will I receive?
    The number of images will be defined in your session! We give you the freedom to purchase whatever you want, creating a personalized plan for your family.
  • Do you provide clothing, makeup, production?"
    We have options of clothes for babies and newborns – 18 months, as well as accessories and props to make your set come to life! For makeup hair and adult clothing, we have partners and I can always send you inspiration on what you should wear.
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